Google Suite Transition

Welcome Catalyst Team!

Here it is–a class to help you figure out all things Google! Every section of this course probably means something a little different to each person because of many variables:

  • each person has different preferences
  • each person has a different comfort level with change
  • each person has a different set of technology skills
  • each person has their own set of devices, and preferences for which devices they use most (phone, iPad, computer, etc)
  • etc.

Because of these variables and more, there may be things that you already have done on your own, things you didn't even know existed, and things that you have individual questions about. All of that is ok!

To handle all of these possibilities, the course is intended to encompass the things that could apply the most broadly. As an individual learner, you get to…

  • skip sections of this class that don't seem to apply to you
  • rewind and replay videos as needed to figure things out
  • ask questions after you've tried things on your own
  • ask for additional help with things not covered by the course

Prior to beginning this course, feel free to visit the MyCatalyst Help page for tips about navigating online courses.

OK–Ready, Set, Go!

Google Suite Transition

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