A MyCatalyst account allows you to access on-demand workshops. Whether your school is providing resources or you have landed here on your own, registration is free and easy!

Registration Steps
  1. Click on the REGISTER icon at the top of the page
  2. Fill out all the details
  3. Check the box if you want a copy of the new account credentials emailed to you
  4. Click the REGISTER button

Logging In

This part happens after you have an account registered in the MyCatalyst system. You'll want to keep track of your username and password so it's easy to get into your account.

Login Steps
  1. Click on the HOME icon at the top of the page
  2. Fill in your username and password
  3. (If you want, check the box that says “Remember Me” to keep your information in the system)
  4. Click the LOG IN button

Online course help

Our online courses are designed to be rich in content, practical, and easy to navigate. Once you get into your first course, you'll see how easy it is. If you take other courses from us later, you'll find the structure is refreshingly predictable so that your energy can be spent learning the content instead of learning where to click.

If you're new to online learning, there are some general tips to get you started no matter which class you're taking first:

  • Just like navigating a book, the course is designed to make the most sense if you start at the top, read everything, do what it says, and work your way down each page.
  • The order of the content is on purpose in most cases, so jumping around too much can become frustrating for you as you're trying to learn.
  • The links at the top of each course screen are called a breadcrumb. Like a trail you might leave while hiking, this helps you see where you are at all times. You can click on the links to go back to those screens anytime.
  • The buttons at the bottom of each screen can be used to mark sections complete to track your progress.
  • All underlined text are links to resources or activities–go ahead and click when you see them!
  • Videos allow for pause, rewind, replay, etc, so use these features to customize your experience. It’s like having a personalized remote control for your teacher!
  • Have a place to take notes nearby so you can capture key ideas. Sticky notes are recommended! 

Help from a person

If the other options didn't meet your needs, send a message and we'll help you.

Email for help
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