Demonstration Project Spring 2020

Welcome CRMS Staff!

We're so glad to see you here! This course is designed to be rich in content, practical, and easy to navigate in an online and self-paced manner. Some tips to get you started:

  • There is a breadcrumb at the top of each screen to show you where you are (It looks like this: Class title > Section title > Topic title). You can click on any titles to return to a section or topic.
  • There are buttons at the bottom of each screen to mark sections and topics as complete to track your progress
  • All underlined text are links to resources or activities–go ahead and click when you see them!
  • Videos allow for pause, rewind, replay, etc, so use these features to customize your experience. It's like having a personalized remote control for your teacher!
  • Have a place to take notes nearby so you can capture key ideas. Sticky notes are recommended! 
  • If you need help with the class, visit the MyCatalyst Help page. We're here for you!

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Demonstration Project Spring 2020 (CRMS Cohort)

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