Catalyst Foundational Skills Review and Relabel


Welcome to a short review of the foundational skills found in The Catalyst Approach to Whole Group Classroom Leadership. If you have taken this course from us, under a different name, we are glad you are back because relationships are at the heart of what we do. You’ll notice the actions you take as implementers remain the same, and they have been reorganized with new labels to make them easier to implement and understand.

The Catalyst Approach refers to a collection of strategies and ideas developed by Nancy Burns and Jacki Brickman. In addition to the more than 50,000 classroom observations that have driven the research of Nancy and Jacki, their teams continue to engage in more than 7,000 observations annually. Born from our love of teaching children, our passion is to find ways for educators and students to experience less frustration while increasing equity in the classroom. The 12 skills reviewed in this course lay the groundwork to refine communication so that educational leaders are even more clear, more predictable, and have even more options to be flexible to meet the varied needs of individual learners.

If this is your first online course experience with us, we recommend starting with some general tips found on the MyCatalyst Help page so you know how our courses work.

When you’re ready, start by clicking on the first section below! Enjoy!

Catalyst Foundational Skills Review and Relabel (Ambassador)

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