The Demonstration Project


What is it?

The Demonstration Project is a rigorous and personalized professional development endeavor. It exists for ambitious individuals who want to maximize their positive impact on students while also serving the profession. It includes a variety of benchmarks that promote deep learning, reflection, and implementation. 

Working on the demo project?

The Demonstration Project Area has resources along with places to submit preassessment and final reflection videos. If you need access, follow the steps below:

How to Access
  1. Register for a MyCatalyst account
  2. Log In to MyCatalyst
  3. Request the unique URL
  4. Join by using the unique URL to access the page
Already Demo certified?

Demonstration educators maintain their skills by earning recertification annually. There is a password-protected page with resources to support this process. 

How to Access
  1. Request the password
  2. Click the button below
Demonstration Resources

The Demonstration Teacher Project