Future External Support Options

Future External Support Options

Resident Coach Meetings

MEC will work to initiate another meeting between Catalyst Coaches and an MEC coach before the end of the school year. We strongly encourage Rochester coaches to use existing frameworks to set up meetings for networking, brainstorming, and sharing feedback and ideas.

1 Day Coaching Refreshers

Schools can choose to schedule 1-day coaching refreshers for up to 6 coaches, allowing cost-sharing between buildings. These days are reminiscent of Coaches Lab Week learning days, where coaches shadow an MEC coach in classrooms and during feedback time, then debrief afterward. Cost is $1,500 per day total, or $250 per coach when shared by 6 schools/coaches.

PLC Kits

We are working on creating PLC kits. For now, the Sharing the Excitement slideshow includes the Curriculum Flip strategy that you may wish to share.