Section 1: Whole Group Leadership Overview (Sample)

Section 1: Whole Group Leadership Overview

Learn strategies based on over 50,000 classroom observations that strengthen relationships, increase equity, reduce frustration for both teachers and students, and foster independence in the classroom.

In this course, you’ll learn how to…

  • Be even more proactive and equitable in your practice
  • Support individuals and keep the rest of the group engaged in learning simultaneously
  • Increase flexibility and reduce surprise
  • Keep the focus on relationships instead of student behavior
  • Facilitate group discussions and increase student voice 

Note-Taking Handout

To make it even easier to follow along with the Instruction Videos, the handout includes frames for taking notes about each concept. Some options to manage the materials as you navigate the course:

  • Print a copy of the handout and turn the pages as you go through the sections of the course. Take notes with a regular pen.
  • Open the handout on a second device (i.e. iPad) and take notes electronically.
  • Open two browser windows side-by-side with the course page in one window and the handout open in the other. Take notes with separate paper using the handout as a guide.
  • Another idea you may have!

Watch Catalyst Background Information (General)

Learning Tip: Watching Instruction Videos
The following videos are the direct instruction component of the course, which will feel the most similar to listening to a trainer at the front of the room in a live setting. The content is delivered by a trainer narrating visual slides. While watching instructional videos throughout the course, have note-taking materials ready. While there are prompts to pause and reflect in each video, you may pause, rewind, and replay as needed in order to fully understand the content. As the learner, this format allows you to be in the driver’s seat!

Watch Instruction Video Rationale

Watch Instruction Video Communication and Patterns

Next Steps

  • Jot down any key ideas on sticky notes
  • Mark this section complete
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