Professional Development Opportunities

Resident Coaches Week

Various dates


Whole Group Classroom Leadership

November 20-21, 2019


Whole Group Classroom Leadership

February 4-5, 2020


Professional Development Credits

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Classroom Environments Where Learning Thrives
1 credit

Connect your educational philosophy with the impact of environment on student learning, including bef0re-and-after reflections on small changes you make to the classroom.

Keeping Them in the Room
3 credits

Support the success of individual students by selecting relevant strategies to implement and reflecting on the impact they have on keeping students functioning members of the group.

Strategies for Small Group Success
1 credit

Apply strategies that set students up for success in the small group learning format, including options for classroom teachers and those who exclusively teach small groups.

A Healthy Classroom: Part 1
3 credits

Solidify your learning from the live workshop by selecting concepts to summarize in writing and developing an implementation calendar to promote deep implementation.

A Healthy Classroom: Part 2
3 credits

Engage with a learning team who will meet throughout the school year to set goals, implement, reflect, and support each other to experience the long term benefits of promoting healthy group dynamics.

ENVoY: Your Personal Guide to Classroom Management
1 credit

Implement strategies in the classroom while reflecting on the impact the teacher’s own behavior has on students, including small refinements and consistency with the subtleties of each skill.

Additional Courses Coming Soon!

Upon successful completion of courses, the participant will receive graduate-level professional development credit. These credits are not part of a degree program but instead are primarily used for professional advancement such as salary increment steps and recertification. Students should seek approval of appropriate district or college officials before enrolling in these courses to satisfy any degree, state credential, or local school district requirements. This credit may be applied toward a degree program at the discretion of the accepting institution.